man charged with stalking and killing neighbor

Some shocking, gruesome news out of Queens... This week, police arrested 47-year-old Huang Chen for the stabbing death of his neighbor Qian Wu. But as medical examiner's office revealed, she wasn't just stabbed -- her heart and lungs had been ripped from her body: Neighbor Charged With Stalking and Killing Woman.

The murder was apparently the culmination of years of harrassment by the suspect, who lives two doors away from the victim. Wu ran an employment agency with her husband, and had tried unsuccessfully to help him find employment. He apparently made romantic advances toward her, which she rebuffed. Then Chen turned stalker:
In 2006, Mr. Chen spent 30 days in jail for choking her and punching her in the face, and since then Ms. Wu had received at least five orders of protection against him. The Queens district attorney’s office charged Mr. Chen with second-degree murder, as well as with stalking, possession of a weapon and tampering with evidence. A woman was also arrested, charged with helping dispose of the murder weapons — which the authorities said were a hammer and a utility knife. The police said they did not know the whereabouts of Ms. Wu's lungs and heart, and were searching for them.
Detectives at the hospital became suspicious when Chen showed up at the hospital with cuts on his legs and arms, saying that he had been assaulted by a robber. Although he had blood on his shoes, his clothes were clean. Security cameras revealed Chen going into his apartment building covered in blood, then later leaving with a woman carrying a bag.

Caught, you killer. But why the hell did he have to remove her heart and lungs? More here: Accused Queens killer Huang Chen ripped out victim Qian Wu's heart and lungs, cops say.

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