maya needs a marrow match

In September, 4-year-old Maya Chamberlin was diagnosed with a rare blood disease known as HLH. Her chances of survival depend on finding a suitable bone marrow donor. But her family's search for a match is more difficult because Maya is of mixed race: 4-Year-Old Girl Faces Long Odds In Search For Donor.

A donor's compatibility is based on their HLA -- or human leukocyte antigen -- type. "And HLA is basically inherited. So the probability of finding a suitable donor is highest among people of your own race. Unfortunately, Maya's younger brother isn't a match.

I know I've said this many times before, but you could be the donor that saves Maya's life. But first, you have to register to be a bone marrow donor -- a process that is simple and easy. Maybe you're not Maya's match, but you could be a match to the many other people in dire need of a donor. To learn more about how to register, go here.

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