m.i.a. turns two-hour tech support call into an album track

Everybody knows what it's like to get crappy tech support over the phone. No one is immune. Even M.I.A. Except she apparently turns her experiences into songs.

The globe-trotting hip hop star was recently having issues with her cable connection, and was subjected to a three-hour tech support call. The experience resulted in a track on her upcoming album: M.I.A. Writes Song Inspired by Three-Hour Verizon Tech Support Call.

The track is called "I'm Down Like Your Internet Connection" and actually features Filipino Verizon workers singing the hook. I am absolutely not making this up:
I was having issues with my cable and wireless, and I was on the phone [with tech support] for three hours, and I thought, 'Maybe this needs to be part of my music, could you just learn these lyrics and sing it down the phone to me?' Ten phone calls later, I have Internet that sticks and a song."
That's pretty badass. The track will appear on her new album, recorded with producer Blaqstarr, and due out this summer. More here: M.I.A. Teams With Blaqstarr, Verizon Workers for Summer Disc.

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