national aapi text-in day

I mentioned before that we're currently in the midle of the National Asian American and Pacific Islander Week of Action (January 12-20) for immigration reform, a collaborative effort among national, state and local AAPI organizations and allies.

Today, January 19, happens to be National AAPI Text-In Day, a simple way to take action -- text messaging. Just text "AAPI" to 69866. By texting in together, you are showing that AAPIs have unique needs in Immigration Reform and that we are going to fight for them.

During the last National Text-In Day, only 300 out of 74,500 supporters texted the word "AAPI" (different communities text different words). Surely, more than 300 people in our community care about immigration reform. And really, how much effort does it take to pull out your phone and punch a few numbers?

For more information on the National AAPI Text-In Day, visit the Asian Pacific Americans for Progress blog here and the Facebook event page here. Remember: just text "AAPI" to 69866 on your cell phone.

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