nerds of color unite

I really dig Bao Phi's latest blog post for the Star Tribune, where he talks about the pop culture geekiness (emphasis on the geekiness) that is close to his heart. Believe me, I can relate: NOCs (Nerds of Color).

For someone who creates such cool-ass spoken word, you wouldn't guess he has a not-so-secret past as a geek. But the evidence is all there -- consider a few columns back, when Bao wrote with such fervor about Lost. Geeks, unite.

But I totally get it. Being able to retreat in some kind of geeky fandom or pastime... only to have it a little bit ruined by some kind of crappy racist character or storyline -- and finding few fellow fans to stand with you on the issue.

That's part of why I'm so impressed with the way the whole Last Airbender movie resistance has taken off. (Big props to Racebending.) But I like that: Nerds of Color. NOCs. We should form a secret league or something.

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