now casting: the new hawaii five-o

Last year, word got out that they're making a new version of Hawaii Five-O.

I'll admit, I'm a little too young to remember the old show, which ran 1968-80, but I know Jack Lord starred as Steve McGarrett, the head of a special Hawaii State Police unit fighting the underworld in the island state. And of course, everybody knows that theme song. Lord was the star, but the regular cast included Kam Fong as Det. Chin Ho Kelly, and a handful of other Asian actors over the years.

Anyway, they're making a new one, from the executive producer of Criminal Minds. From the looks of the casting call, the classic characters are back. I'm assuming they want a white dude to play McGarrett, because you know, this is American television. But there are a couple of Asian American characters:
Location: Hawaii

Storyline: When his father is taken hostage and killed by a notorious human trafficker and criminal kingpin, Naval Lt. Commander STEVE McGARRETT is determined to bring the killers to justice. And his best bet to do so is becoming the head of a special federal task force in Hawaii. Not only will McGarrett and his hand-picked team stand as the first line of defense against crime, drugs and terrorism in a strategically vital region, but McGarrett will also use his special powers to solve the baffling mystery that emerges after his father's murder...


Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett 34-39 Mid to late 30s. This craggy, tenacious Navy commander is a former Navy SEAL whose illustrious resume includes stints as a special investigator and a tenure with Naval Intelligence. McGarrett has been tracking the notorious Hesse brothers for years, but when his father is taken hostage and slain during his perilous investigation, he's determined to have justice. To that end, he accepts Hawaiian governor Pat Jameson's offer to run a federal task force centered in Hawaii, and imbued with latitude and special rights not granted to the police rank and file. McGarrett hand-picks an elite crew for his team, which stands as the first line of defense against encroaching terrorists and criminals in a strategically vital region. But in the meanwhile, he's determined to trace the baffling clues his murdered father left behind -- evidence that points to an unsolved mystery stretching all the way back to his mother's death, years previously... SERIES REGULAR (1)

Detective Danny "Danno" Williams Male 30-39
A veteran cop from the Baltimore P.D., he has recently undergone an acrimonious divorce and has transferred to Hawaii to be near his 7 year old daughter. A real "working man in paradise," he's the "only guy on the island without a tan and always looks like he slept in his clothes." Gruff and driven, with plenty of raw courage and a 24/7 work ethic, Danno has already alienated the laid-back native Hawaiians in his department, and when McGarrett swoops in and takes over his present murder investigation, he's resentful, to say the least. Forced to partner with McGarrett, Danno is initially leery of their association -- but as he grows more familiar with his maverick new boss, he begins to appreciate the opportunity to work with McGarrett. And indeed, he quickly becomes an indispensable member of McGarrett's elite team, not to mention McGarrett's trusted associate and friend... SERIES REGULAR (15)

Chin Ho Kelly Male 50-59
A tough, capable Asian man in his 50s, he's a 20 year veteran of the Honolulu police force who was a close friend of McGarrett's cop dad. However, Chin was recently drummed out of the department for accepting payoffs, even though he was completely innocent of all charges. Now a security officer in Pearl Harbor, he's grateful to McGarrett for offering him the chance to clear his name and get back into active duty. A savvy guy with a lot of connections on the island, Chin also becomes a crucial member of McGarrett's federal task force... SERIES REGULAR (14)

Kono Kalakaua
Chin's niece, age 23-27, she's a spectacular Asian/Hawaiian beauty who is a champion surfer, with the smarts to match her amazing physical prowess. However, Kono's sole interest is getting her badge and becoming a cop. She's about to graduate from the police academy when McGarrett recruits her to join his team. Amped and ready for action, Kono goes undercover as a downtrodden immigrant girl looking for help from a notorious human trafficker -- a perilous assignment that takes a disastrous turn... SERIES REGULAR (40)

Governor Pat Jameson Female 41-44
A bright, beautiful woman in her early 40s, she's the Governor of Hawaii, a "local Hawaiian with a Washingtonian's backgone" who is that rarest of creatures -- a completely honest politician. Sincerely sorry to hear of McGarrett's loss, she offers him the unique opportunity to run a task force imbued with special federal powers beyond the run-of-the-mill police department. Her sincerity impresses McGarrett deeply, and bodes well for their future association... SERIES REGULAR - 10/13 (11)

Mary Ann McGarrett Female 25-30
McGarrett's younger sister, she's a punked-out young woman with a checkered past, including stints in rehab and several brushes with the law. Mary has been acting out ever since her mother's early death, at which point she felt effectively abandoned by her father -- an apparent betrayal she's still trying to work through. When she shows up high at their father's funeral, McGarrett is enraged -- but under his anger, he has a deep and loving bond with his sister, although that has been stretched to the breaking point in recent years. However, Mary's realization that her father's apparent neglect may have actually been his attempt to protect her from a mysterious menace just may inspire Mary to turn her chaotic life around... RECURRING / POSSIBLE SERIES REGULAR (16)
Coming soon to network TV: the new Hawaii Five-O! Starring a white dude. But I guess you can always make room for a wise, old Asian dude and a hot Asian babe. Is it too much to hope for a small semblance of reality where we get to see a Hawaii that reflects the actual Asian population? With real Asian people... walking around in the background at least? You know -- the Hawaii that Sarah Palin is scared of. (Thanks, Camille.)

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