reshma saujani challenging incumbent for house seat

Reshman Saujani, a 34-year-old hedge fund lawyer, is getting a lot of attention for her bold bid to unseat Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, With some prominent Democratic donors now back her, it's a challenge that is turning heads on the Upper East Side of Manhattan: Pro-Wall Street Democrat Takes On a House Veteran.

Saujani is apparently the first Indian American woman to run for Congress, and she is counting on South Asians to support her in droves. But what's even more intriguing is her goal of becoming an advocate for the financial industry in the Capitol. She says she's running on her Wall Street record, "not from it."
Ms. Saujani, in an interview, said she was "running on my Wall Street record, not from it." She called Ms. Maloney "asleep at the wheel" for saying the economy was improving, and accused her and the entire New York Congressional delegation of failing to do enough to aid business. She said her hedge fund work was great preparation for representing the district, home to many of the financial industry's players, and she chided Ms. Maloney for bashing banks and calling for a 100 percent tax on some bonuses.

"Instead of browbeating Wall Street, I want to invite them to help create jobs," Ms. Saujani said, talking up an idea to connect investment houses with technology start-ups.

"If you go to Texas, you'll never hear a Congressional member speak poorly of the oil industry," she added. "In Michigan, you'll never hear a Congressional member speak poorly of the auto industry. This is our bread and butter."
It's a gutsy line to run on, considering Wall Street's battered reputation as of late. Saujani's campaign has also rankled many high-profile feminists who have loyally supported Maloney for her work on mammograms, equal pay, reproductive rights and violence against women. A former state president of the National Organization for Women apparently even emailed Saujani asking her not to challenge Maloney.

Some Democrats just see Saujani as a young upstart with little experience trying to throw a wrench in the way things are done by refusing to "get in line." Win or lose, you've got to admit, she's pretty bold. I'm intrigued. This is definitely a race to keep an eye on. More here: Former Davis Polk Associate Dreams of Making U.S. Political History.

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