things to do in 2010: get your kid into a good kindergarten

Saw this story the other day about parents in Santa Clara who lined up and camped out overnight to ensure their kids got a spot at a high-performing elementary school: Santa Clara parents camp out overnight to enroll kids at elementary school.

Dozens of anxious parents lined up Thursday morning to receive a coveted orange registration card in the hope of enrolling their kindergartners-to-be at Don Callejon School this fall. About 80 parents got cards, which allow them to receive a registration packet.

The diverse K-8 school of 830 students ranks above the California school average on Academic Performance Index scores. The state average hovers above 700; 1,000 is the maximum score. Don Callejon scored 806 last year.

At the front of the line: 38-year-old Richard Wang, a mortgage broker, who received orange card No. 1 for his daughter Madeline. Hear that, Madeline? Daddy waited in line all night to get you into that school! You better make sure you rock kindergarten.

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