trailer for sanjit and ranju majumdar's determinism

Here's the trailer for Determinism, directed by twin brothers Sanjit and Ranju Majumdar. It's an indie crime thriller set in a fictional Pennsylvania college town "where students and drug dealers are often one and the same." Here's an excerpt from the synopsis:
Alec, the film's anti-hero, is an alienated South Asian. He's always been an outsider, and he certainly doesn't fit in here. New York is his Mecca. Tristan, his former best friend and a reformed cokehead, is a white guy, living with Alec's ex-girlfriend, the beautiful, black Lynn. Tristan thinks he's got it made.

Broke and cut off from his family after he flunks out of school, Alec sets off to free himself from the stereotypical role of “South Asian Geek” imposed upon him from birth. So opposed to typecasting that he can barely use a computer, he is determined to transcend Determinism — by any means necessary.

Guns and gangstas have an allure that Alec can almost taste. Taking on the gangsta mantel, Alec convinces Tristan to be his lookout when he robs a local drug dealer. The winnings are Alec's ticket to New York, where he can start afresh and live in a world where color is no barrier.

What seems like a simple heist inadvertently turns into a spiraling bloodbath — and way more than Alec had bargained for. But Alec's manic obsession keeps him in the game. No matter what goes down, he's not leaving town without his money
To be honest, I'm not super impressed with the trailer. It's certainly gritty. And decidedly low-budget. But then again, I've seen underwhelming trailers that turned out to be pretty damn good movies. Not sure when you'll have the chance to see this film, but for more information, check the Determinism website.

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