unidentified asian man causes newark security breach

To the unidentified Asian man who breached security at the Newark airport over the weekend: you're an idiot.

Of course, he's certainly not the only person to blame. According to the Transportation Security Administration, the breach was apparently caused by a TSA officer who left his post unattended. Okay, so it's a toss-up for who's the bigger idiot: Employee's actions led to Newark security breach.

Security video shows the officer walking away from his post, about four minutes after he asked an unidentified man to stay behind the rope line.

Moments later, the man ducks under the rope and walks the wrong way through security to greet a woman, prompting a security breach that shut down the terminal for hours, caused arrival delays, and forced the rescreening of thousands of passengers. What a pain in the ass.

The TSA officer was reportedly placed on administrative leave this week. But what about the guy who made the breach? Security cameras confirmed that an "Asian male" had breached security. And TSA wants him to turn himself in to authorities to pay for his "terrible, terrible offense."

I have a feeling the TSA won't be hearing from that guy. He's long gone, and won't be showing his face around Newark for a long time. Hell, considering what happened, the guy seems completely oblivious to airport security guidelines. He might not even be aware that he caused the mess.

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