yellow fever in the iphone age

The New York Daily News recently ran a pretty good opinion piece by Iris Chung, talking about the well-worn topic of "yellow fever" and the Asian fetish in the 21st century: This app-etite is sickening: Men indulge demeaning stereotypes of Asian-American women on iPhones.

The average Asian American woman is bound to have a run-in with their local Asiaphile who's "really into Asian girls" sooner or later, whether it's some loser attempting dumbass Chinese pick-up lines, or something much more alarming and dangerous, like a rapist targeting Asian women.

The rapidly growing number of pervy iPhone apps the author is talking about definitely don't help the situation. Apparently, people weren't satisfied with looking at Asian boobs from the privacy of their home desktop computer -- they had to put it on their iPhone for yellow fever on-the-go.

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