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For all you theater fans in Southern California, do check out Beward of Cupid, a unique theatrical production centered on Valentine's Day, presenting stories based on love and other matters of the heart. It opens this Friday, February 5 at The Actor's Playpen in Los Angeles.

Directed by Julia Cho and Benjamin Kim, the show is the inaugural production for Actors at Play. The cast includes Jason Rogel, Julia Cho, Benjamin Kim, Lynnette Li, Sandy Yu, Jared Asato, Sara Ceballos and Chris Miyasaki. Here are some details:

Actors at Play present

a Valentine's Day show

FEBRUARY 5 - 21, 2010

Falling in love for the first time, struggling to make a relationship work,
getting over the one that got away... BEWARE OF CUPID presents a
collection of pieces that explore love and other matters of the heart.

Fridays, Saturdays @ 8:00pm
Sunday matinees @ 3:00pm

1514 N Gardner St
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(off of Sunset Blvd, near the Guitar Center)

Jared Asato | Sara Ceballos | Julia Cho | Benjamin Kim
Lynnette Li | Chris Miyasaki | Jason Rogel | Sandy Yu

$14 online pre-sale | $20 at-the-door
(Ask about our special discounts and group rates!)
Sounds cool. The show runs Fridays-Sundays, February 5-21. Lover, haters, and everything in between -- there is something for you. This has got to be better than that movie Valentine's Day. Who needs Julia Roberts when you've got this cool cast of characters? For more information about Beware of Cupid, go here. And to purchase tickets, go here.

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