agent cho gets badass on the mentalist

I occasionally watch the CBS drama The Mentalist. To be honest, I find the title character, played by Simon Baker, rather annoying. But I really like Tim Kang as CBI Agent Kimball Cho. He's a great actor playing a fairly badass character, which is pretty fun to watch. If you're like me, you want more Cho.

Last week, we got to see Agent Cho getting the A-story and trying to solve a murder of a friend from his not-so-clean gangbanger past. Lots of kicking ass and taking names, plus getting some sugar from pretty girlfriend, and speaking a little bit of Korean too. All around, great to see Tim Kang front and center.

CBS doesn't have the full episode on the network website, but you can probably find a bootleg stream somewhere online. It's worth taking a look.

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