america's best dance crew season five: week 3

Still watching America's Best Dance Crew? Some thoughts on last week's episode... I definitely felt like the West Regionals showcased the strongest set of crews thus far this season. No offense to the East or South, but at this point, the West already looks set to dominate for a fifth season.

Going into last week's show, I was aware of Poreotix, the all-Asian crew of guys from Orange County. They definitely delivered one of the most memorable performances -- these guys are natural showmen. But damn, they're also a bunch of dorky hams. I hope that doesn't get annoying. The "small eyes" comment was seriously cringe-worthy.

The other crew I really dug: Hype 5-0, hailing from Hawaii. They're out to prove that Hawaii has a thriving hip hop community. Love their energy. Here's an article from the Honolulu Advertiser on the local kids in ABDC: Hype machine.

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