asian american mini-documentary project seeking stories

Here's some information about a really cool cable network PSA series shooting at the end of the month. They're looking for real folks to share their interesting and authentic Asian American stories on camera for APA Heritage Month: Asian American Project. Read on for more information:

Do you have a story to tell about your experience as an Asian American?

Are you Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Laotian, Hmong,
Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani, Bi-Racial?

Do you like to talk?

If you want to share your story and let your voice be heard, we're listening. Your story could be funny or inspirational or touching. It could be about your grandmother or your education or your favorite food. It could be your immigration story, your family's unique approach to holidays, your job. As long as it's real and as long as it's uniquely you.

A cable network is collecting "real people" stories on camera for an Asian American Heritage Month mini-documentary.

Want to know more? Contact...

And if you're camera shy but know someone who is amazing, who is a great storyteller (maybe it's your uncle, maybe it's your best friend growing up), let them know. Spread the word.

This is all happening very soon, so don't delay.
I've heard a little bit about the project from people behind the scenes, and it sounds like a really cool opportunity to get some of our voices out there -- there's certainly no shortage of great stories coming out of our community. If you've got a good story, and you're interested in participating, contact asianheritageproject@gmail.com, or go here.

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