"chapters of us" campaign

uNAVSA's 2010 CPP Campaign and the Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation has launched the "Chapters of Us" fundraising campaign to fund the "500 Oral Histories Project."

From now through May 2010, the campaign will coordinate with Vietnamese Student Associations across the nation to raise funds for one purpose: to preserve a critical era of Vietnamese American history that is quickly slipping away with the passing of aging Vietnamese Americans.

The goal of the 500 Oral Histories Project is to document over five hundred interviews in an effort to preserve the unique and diverse experiences of Vietnamese Americans across the country. In the future, these interviews will be developed into an anthology, web archive, traveling exhibit and documentary film highlighting a selection of these amazing stories.

The kick-off event for the fundraising campaign is called "Chapters of Us on YouTube," leading up to the Tet Holiday Weekend. VSA groups from all over the nation will submit videos onto YouTube to express "A Vietnamese American Story." Upload your own story! For more information, visit the Chapters of Us website here.

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