chinese americans: join the wall

Calling all Chinese Americans! (And there are a lot of you.) Phil over Wong Fu Productions informs me about an interesting project currently being put together by the Committee of 100, to be presented in the USA Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai later this year: Join the Wall.

For the exhibit, "The Chinese in America," they're trying to gather thousands of photos of Chinese Americans, grouped together by family name, or where they're from in China and where the live now, and post them all up on the wall. Here's the blurb:
70 million people. 192 nations. 180 days. And you can be there. In 2010, from May 1-October 31, one of the largest events in history will take place in Shanghai, China — The World Expo 2010. The USA Pavilion, in partnership with the Committee of 100, will feature an exhibit on "The Chinese in America". To demonstrate America’s unique strengths as a nation embracing diversity. Offering freedom of choice. And providing the opportunity for everyone to succeed.

To build this exhibit, the Committee of 100 is rallying everyone of Chinese descent across America to submit their photos to create The Wall of the Chinese in America. It will feature thousands of photos organized by Chinese family names to demonstrate that "We Are Family".

It is our big opportunity to demonstrate our collective pride in our achievements in America and in our Chinese heritage - and show the world the proud face of "The United Chinese of America".

It's really easy. And it's FREE. Just click below to upload your photo and JOIN THE WALL!
Yo, there are a lot of Chinese Americans in the United States. Even if only a fraction participate, that's going to be one big-ass wall. For more information, and to upload your photo and join the wall, go here.

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