the ice dancing reed siblings

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are upon us. Yahoo! Sports points us to an interesting story about the members of a Japanese American ice dancing family will not be competing on behalf of Team USA: Three American ice dancing siblings won't be skating for Team USA.
Born to an American father and a Japanese mother in Kalamazoo, Michigan, all three Reed siblings – Cathy, Chris, and Allison – will skate in the Vancouver Olympics. None of them are members of Team USA.


Because of their mother's Japanese citizenship, Chris and Cathy hold dual citizenship in the United States and Japan. They'll be skating for Japan.

Allison, meanwhile, is taking advantage of the new rules to skate for Georgia's national team, home of her partner, Otar Japaridze.
So they have dual citizenship in Japan and the United States. No big deal. They couldn't find a spot on the U.S. team, so they're competing for Japan, where the sport isn't very popular. That explains Chris and Cathy... but I don't get how Allison gets to skate for Georgia. Whatever. The whole family gets to skate. Er, I mean, dance.

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