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Held every ten years, the Census is a nationwide head count of every person living in the United States. But during the last two censuses, the Census Bureau missed counting millions of people -- mostly minorities and low-income communities. Undercounting certain populations may reduce federal funding for hospitals, education, child-care, disaster preparation, as well as fair representation in Congress.

The Youth Census Advocacy Project hopes to tackle the problems of the AAPI undercount by promoting awareness of the Census, while also providing the technical support for students and their families to ensure that they are accurately counted. They're looking for people to be advocates in their respective campuses and communities. Read on:
Why should YOU care about whether or not AAPIs participate in Census 2010?

1. Census participation is required by law.

2. Census participation determines how federal funding for communities is allocated.

3. Census results determine how you are represented in Congress.

4. Government, businesses and community based organizations use census data to allocate money, resources and services for the community.

We are writing to ask for your help in making sure that Census 2010 gets an accurate count of AAPIs! You can be an advocate on your campus and to your families!

How can I get involved?

1. Join our campaign at: http://www.apiavote.org/ycap/commit

2. Pledge to fill out the Census (and tell your friends): http://www.apiavote.org/ycap/pledge

3. Follow APIAVote on twitter or facebook
http://www.twitter.com/apiavote or http://www.facebook.com/apiavote

So, how do you go to ECAASU for free?

1. All you have to do is fill out a scholarship application here: http://www.apiavote.org/ycap/scholarship

2. Hotel accommodations and roundtrip airfare will be provided courtesy of APIAVote and Southwest Airlines. (All you have to pay is a $70.00 registration fee for the conference.)
Wait, what? Yes, students, you have the opportunity to get sponsored to go to ECAASU for free. Go here for details: Apply for APIAVote's Census Training Scholarship at ECAASU 2010!

This is an excellent opportunity for you to become active in your community and have a say in how the government affects you! For more information about Youth Census Advocacy Project, go here.

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