j.r. celski's pinoy pride tattoo

A lot of stuff happened during the Vancouver Olympics over the weekend, but all anyone really really wanted to tell me about J.R. Celski's tattoo. Specifically, the giant-ass Pinoy pride (plus the Polish eagle) emblem inked on his chest, which apparently created quite a bit of buzz around the internets.

Celski, alraedy a bronze medal winner in short track speed skating's 1500m, was disqualified from the 1000m event on Saturday night. He didn't race, but I'm willing to be he won a few more fans by taking off his shirt: JR Celski's tattoo of the Philippine flag has created quite the buzz.

You might have already seen Celski rocking some Filipino pride in this commercial for 24 Hour Fitness. He talks about recovering from the gruesome skating injury that almost took him out of the sport. At the end of the spot, you see him on the cycle wearing a shirt with the colors of the Philippines' flag -- and Manny Pacquiao's face. That's double Pinoy pride.

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