judge releases new report on south philly high attacks

Yesterday in Philadelphia, retired federal judge James T. Giles released a report on the racial violence at South Philadelphia High School, concluding that a series of fights and rumors triggered the attacks on December 3: Report: fights, rumors led to racial beatings at South Phila. High.
On Dec. 2, there was an in-school confrontation between African American and Asian students, and an after school incident outside the building.

Afterward, there were rumors that a popular, disabled African American student was jumped by a group of Asian students. Judge James T. Giles said he was not able to determine whether the African American student was in fact a victim or an attacker, but that rumor and others were enough to fuel tensions that spilled over the next day.

On Dec. 3, a number of Asian students were attacked by African American students and a Cambodian student in multiple episodes during the school day and afterward. A number of students required hospital treatment, and one victim's nose was broken.

The students attacked on Dec. 3 had no direct connection to the violence the day before, Giles said. Most were recent immigrants.
The judge also concluded that race or ethnicity "were contributing factors" in the December 3 attacks. Whoa, really? You'll recall that school officials have frustratingly refused to acknowledge that race had any role in the violence at South Philly High... but I didn't need a report to tell me otherwise.

Giles interviewed administrators, some teachers, some witnesses and only those victims who agreed to participate. The alleged perpetrators -- 22 students have been suspended, and some are in the expulsion pipeline -- were not interviewed because they may face criminal charges.

I'm sorry, but how does this report help anyone? And this has to be the most ridiculous recommendation from the judge's report: Fix for violence: Ban on hoodies. No more hoodies! That is the answer. This report is a joke: Whitewash in South Philly.

It should be noted that Giles was directed to only investigate the incidents on December 2 and 3. The report does not account for the history of violence against Asian immigrants at South Philly High, which students and community members say has been happening for a long time. It's going to take a lot more than a report to address those problems. More here: Asian group hits report on school fights.

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