kina grannis' stairwells out today

Stairwells, the debut album from Kina Grannis, is officially out today. I have ordered my copy, so it's still making its way to my mailbox, but I've had the fortune of hearing the album's songs live, and they're pretty darn great. Purchase the physical CD here or download it from iTunesicon.

To learn more about Kina and her music, visit her website here. Stairwells will be streaming on the site through March 1. Need some more convincing? Here a video with the Top 10 Reasons to Buy Stairwells. Be sure to also watch the super-cute video for "Valentine."

Fans have been waiting for this for a long time. It's awesome to see how far Kina's come since winning that Super Bowl contest back in 2008, and honestly, I have a feeling great things are only just beginning for Ms. Grannis.

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