lt. dan choi serving in the military again?

Contrary to earlier reports, gay military rights advocate Lt. Dan Choi was not called back to "active duty" yesterday. Since he serves in the New York National Guard, he wouldn't be on active duty unless he had been mobilized.

However, it appears that Lt. Choi, who was discharged for revealing he is gay under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, is back in uniform. With the support of his command, Choi drilled with his unit this past weekend for training on critical infantry tasks with his soldiers: Openly Gay Soldier Dan Choi Back in Uniform.

Yes, the military served Lt. Choi a discharge notification -- essentially firing him from his job -- but he was allowed to fight this at trial, and as it currently stands, the discharge hasn't be finalized. And since his commander has always been in full support of him, I guess he's cool to suit up -- for now.

The whole situation was explained and clarified by Jeff Sheng of The Bilerico Project, who adds, "Given the current state of how DADT is in such flux, and also, in my opinion, the prominence and celebrity of Lt. Choi, his discharge might never be fully enforced." Read it all here: Lt. Dan Choi back in service?

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