mo'olelo presents self (the remix)

Here's a cool show for all my friends in the San Diego area... my man Terry tells me about self (the remix), a one-man spoken word, hip hop play written and performed by Robert farid Karimi, directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang, and presented by Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company. It runs February 24 - March 21 at the 10th Avenue Theatre. Check it out:
Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company Presents
a kaotic good production

self (the remix)

Written and Performed by
Robert Farid Karimi
with live soundscapes by
DJ D Double
Directed by
Ellen Sebastian Chang

Mo`olelo at The 10th Avenue Theatre
930 10th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

self (the remix) is a spoken-word, hip-hop play that mixes together stories, movement and music to tell the tale of an American child of Iranian and Guatemalan immigrants growing up in California in the 1970s and 1980s in the shadow of the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Acclaimed playwright and performer Robert Farid Karimi, accompanied with a soundscape created by DJ D Double, tells a "remixed" autobiographical tale of a boy struggling to learn about manhood, nationhood, and neighborhood with the voices and music of his environment helping him along.

Info and Tickets: www.moolelo.net, 619-342-7395
It sounds like a pretty damn cool show, and at several of the performances, there will be post-show discussions. And hey, if you use the coupon code SDAFF222, you get $5 off. For more information about self (the remix), and to purchase tickets, go to the Mo'olelo website here.

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