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See the not-so-Olympian photo of snowboarding bronze medalist Scotty Lago -- and a scandalous fan also going for the bronze -- that apparently got him in a bit of trouble in Vancouver: Olympic Medalist Packs Up after Biting Photo.

Another story on the Reed siblings -- Olympic ice dancers who are all Americans, but aren't competing on behalf of the United States. With dual citizenship, brother and sister Chris and Cathy are on the ice for Japan, and sister Allison is competing for the Republic of Georgia: Three Siblings Carry Two Different Flags.

While Apolo Anton Ohno might be the most recognizable face in U.S. short track speed skating, coach Jae Su Chun is arguably responsible for turning the Americans into a world-class team. Formerly a coach for South Korea, he was dismissed prior to the Turin Olympics but eventually found a job as head coach for the United States: Korean Coach Jae Su Chun Transforms U.S. Short Track Skating.

Even more than the Olympic athletes, I really enjoy watching the reactions of the athletes' family as they compete -- and win. For instance, the tears of joy from J.R. Celski's mother as he crossed the finish line, after all the crap he had to go through to recover from his crazy injury: J.R. Celski's mother never wavered in her belief.

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