pep and the "asian persuasian"

So last night, I turned on the tube to see an Asian dude named Tom making some serious smoove moves on VH1's Let's Talk About Pep, a reality dating show which follows the romantic life of Pep -- yes, the one and only "Pepa" of Salt-N-Pepa.

In the episode, Pepa goes on a date with Tom the doctor, who also happens to be a chef -- and Asian. Her girlfriends go a little crazy ("Shut up!") when they discover she got "open" with an Asian guy. But it's all good, because it seems that Tom knows what he's doing.

Tom makes dinner for her, then busts out a blindfold for some tastin'. Sounds cheesy, and it is, but believe it or not, it all goes pretty well -- I was rather amused. Smooth, Tom. Pep shares the encounter with her girlfriends and dubs it the "Asian Persuasion." You can watch the full episode on the VH1 website here.

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