the robert wone murder gets even weirder

Last summer, the Washington Post ran a series delving into the mysterious murder of Robert Wone, the D.C. lawyer who was allegedly murdered by three housemates in "a polyamourous sadomasochistic relationship."

The accused say that Wone was staying over at their house when an intruder broke in and stabbed him. Prosecutors say they lured Wone there, drugged him, and got into some really strange sex play.

There have always been a lot of wild, weird questions surrounding this case... and still, based on newly filed documents in the case, it's getting weirder: The Weird Weirdos Accused of Murdering Robert Wone.

I won't go into details, but whatever these sickos did to Wone, it apparently involved the EROSTEK ET302R, "an electro-ejaculation device."

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