the (sort of) japanese american linebacker on the saints

So we have arrived at Super Bowl weekend. I honestly don't have a lot of interest in who wins one way or another. But I guess I am intrigued by one player in particular: Scott Fujita, linebacker for the New Orleans Saints. Wait, who's the white dude with the Japanese last name? Read on: Saints' Fujita defies stereotypes.

I've written about Fujita before, and since then, I've been totally fascinated by his story. The guy is Caucasian, but was adopted by a Japanese American father and a white mother, and was essentially raised with close ties to Japanese American culture and identity. Here's a good ESPN article on him from a couple of years ago: Hello, I'm Japanese.

I'm not too big on handing out "honorary" Asian American status, but if anyone's worthy, I suppose it's Scott Fujita. He's gotten a lot of attention for his outspoken defense of civil liberties, something he traces to his Japanese American family's experience in internment camps during World War II. His father born in a camp, and his grandfather fought in Italy with the 442nd.

Like I said, Scott Fujita fascinates me. But I guess it's not just me. With the Saints headed to the Super Bowl, his story has gotten a lot of press: Saints' Fujita defies stereotypes. And here: The Saints Linebacker Who Speaks His Mind. And here: Solid backing by Saint. And finally, here: Reasons To Adore Saints Linebacker Scott Fujita.

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