t-shirt love: did you eat?

Check out the latest design from Blacklava. It's a fun design that hits the heart of anyone who knows what this phrase really means: Did you eat? means I Love You. Here's a little story tied to the design:
"For the 5th time... I'm not hungry!" I snapped... But I love you too Mom!

"I'm going out to eat with some friends," I said while rushing out the door... But I love you too Aunty.

"I just ate Ramona's Beef and Potato Burrito," I replied... But I love you too Grandma!

"I'm pretty full already," I said...

But then Dad opened the refrigerator and pulled out the old 1979 pastel yellow colored Tupperware and lifted the lid to reveal chunks of raw tuna mixed in with chopped onions... Ogo Seaweed... Red Chili Pepper.. Sesame Seed Oil... and Crushed Macadamia Nuts.

I love you too dad. :)
Hey, food is love. And I know a lot of you out there can relate. The shirt is today's Blacklava Daily Deal, available for at the discount price of just $15.00 -- only until the end of today (February 5). I need to get one of these for my momma. Buy it here.

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