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As I've mentioned before, the Pepsi Refresh Project is giving away millions in grants each month to fund great ideas. LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) has one of these great ideas. Your daily votes could help them get the money they need provide assistance to North Korean refugees in the United States. Here's a little information on what they're trying to do:
Given the urgent need for a resettlement center and assistance specifically designed for North Koreans in the U.S., LiNK seeks to establish Liberty House, a six-month to a year transitional housing program which will provide newly arriving and recently-arrived North Korean refugees with critical assistance such as food, clothing, shelter and medical attention as well as a safe, nurturing and positive environment and community; while providing other development services (job training, career counseling, obtaining citizenship, relocation support, etc). Moreover, refugees will have the opportunity to learn about American values and culture as well as develop practical and vocational skills so that they can eventually lead self-sufficient lives.Deliverables:- Transitional shelter for 6-10 refugees within the first year.- $25,000 in donations from individual donors.- 60% of refugees in formal schooling or employment.- 2 partnerships with official resettlement agencies.
At the moment LiNK is in fourth place. The top two ideas will receive $250,000 in funding. You can lend your support by voting for LiNK today, and everyday, through February 28. For more information about LiNK's efforts, and what you can do to support North Korean refugees, go here. And of course, vote for LiNK here.

LiNK's mission: "LiNK exists so that one day the crisis in North Korea will not. We operate under a mandate that does not allow us to remain silent about the human rights and refugee crisis that is a result of this emergency. We educate, protect, advocate, provide and empower the North Korean people so that one day they will have the opportunity to live in true freedom."

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