aatheory's project cstt

Ellie of Asian American entertainment site aatheory.com has launched a new project, CSTT, in an attempt to address and spread awareness about racism, ignorance and discrimination. This video explains it quite nicely.

Here's the call for submissions:
The goal of this project is share our experiences and spread awareness. If one person changes their ways because of another person's story, then we have just climbed a step into reaching equality and putting an end to racial discrimination. Every week a headline of various letters, post-it notes, pictures, etc., will be put up on this site.

Remember, if it’s a negative experience, please don't forget to write "Change The Theory/CTT" at the end of the experience. If it's a positive one, please write "Spread The Theory/STT."

Our stories can make a difference. Help spread the movement.
It's a pretty cool idea -- kind of reminds me of PostSecret. I'm looking forward to see what this looks like. You can send your letters, post-it notes, pictures, etc. to P.O. Box 75, Closter, NJ 07624. For more information, visit aatheory here.

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