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Here's what happens when a lot of Angry Asians get together, wanting to make change. Recently, representatives from four of the largest national Asian American student organizations -- ECAASU, MAASU, NAPA and uNAVSA -- met and spoke about possibly working together and combining their resources.

The result: the Asian American Identity Project, which partners their combined networks with professional nonprofit resources. They're currently looking for qualified individuals to be part of their project team. Read on:
Want an opportunity to network with Asian American student leaders nationwide? A chance to tackle real issues in the community with professional, academic and social resources at your disposal? In one of the largest student collaborations to date, the East Coast Asian American Student Union, the Midwest Asian American Student Union, the National APIA Panhellenic Association and the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations has joined their resources and created the Asian American Identity Project. In an effort to create a united voice for the Asian American collegiate community and a youth driven solution to many of the problems that have resulted in discrimination and prejudice, our coalition of national student organizations is looking for determined, capable student leaders to form the Identity Project Team. The purpose of the Project Team is to meet the goals set forth by the Alliance of organizations to positively impact the status quo. As a member of the Project Team, you will have access to the combined networks of our organizations, professional development provided by our non-profit partners and funding from grants and sponsorships. The ultimate success and impact of this initiative will be determined by the drive and vision of those involved. So apply to the team and be the voice for your generation.
Sounds like things are still coming together, but this is a great idea -- why not try to bring together a group of the most capable and motivated students from these combined networks and partner them up with the nonprofit organizations that are working towards positive change in our community?

To apply, and to get more information about the vision and goals of the Asian American Identity Project, go here or the Facebook group page here.

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