dear chevron, john suzuki is not a "stupid jap"

Last month, I wrote about John Suzuki, a former Chevron employee who was forced to take early retirement this month rather than risk his health by returning to work under a supervisor who harassed and threatened him, and called him a "stupid Jap": Japanese American Man Accuses Chevron of Allowing Harassment. From the JACL blog:
"Suzuki is continuing to ask organizations to write Chevron on his behalf. What is important to him, he says, is "the principle of the matter - racial remarks like this cannot be tolerated."

The points he wants organizations to make in their letters to Chevron are first, that Chevron conduct a fair and thorough investigation of his charges, an investigation by someone who has a history of doing evenhanded investigations, not by a management defense attorney.

Second, Suzuki wants Chevron to provide him with Kumagai's investigation report, and also to provide the report when a fair and thorough investigation is completed.

Last, Suzuki asks that Chevron fire Klaassen if it finds that Klaassen did call Suzuki a "stupid Jap" and that Suzuki be allowed to return to work at Chevron in a different department.

Leaders of Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress (NCRR) in Los Angeles wrote to Chevron on February 10. Paul Osaki, Executive Director of the Japanese Community and Cultural Center of Northern California sent Chevron a letter on February 19.

Other organizations in Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco have also agreed to write to Chevron.
Racial slurs and discrimination cannot be tolerated in the workplace! If you are interested in helping Suzuki, and want to write to Chevron on his behalf, you should send letters to: John S. Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Chevron Corp., 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583. More here: Racial slur at Chevron sparks outrage.

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