hmong group accuses bar of discrimination

In Wisconsin, a group of Hmong American friends is accusing a downtown Green Bay sports bar of singling them out -- and photocopying their IDS -- because of their race: Discrimination? Hmong Group Accuses Green Bay Sports Bar.

Friends Austin Ly and Xoua Kong have been to Knuckle's Sports Bar and Grill several times, but at a recent visit they were were moved into a side room to get their IDs photocopied while their Caucasian friends went in without a hassle.
Xoua says a bouncer had told them there had been a fight involving Hmong men a few days prior. But Xoua Kong says he and Ly weren't even at the bar that night and felt profiled because of their race. "There's other people that do that kind of stuff but we don't want to be group like them or profiled like them just because of our race."

When the men went to the bar one week later, they brought NBC26 cameras with them. This time was no different. The Hmong men's ID's were photocopied and again, their white friends' were not. A manager offered them this explanation:

Austin-Off Camera: "Why didn't you photo copy my buddy's id who is Caucasian?" Manager Off Camera: "because he wasn't involved in the fight." Austin Off Camera: "But we weren't involved either."
So let me get this straight... they're basically photocopying the IDs of any and all Hmong patrons that walk into the bar? To do what, exactly? What do they hope to accomplish? The logic seems to indicate that since some Hmong men were involved in the fight, all Hmong men were involved in the fight. Which is ridiculous. Then again, what do you expect from an establishment called "Knuckles"?

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