jennifer chung's music video contest

Our friend and YouTube darling Jennifer Chung, who recently hit a milestone of 100,000 subscribers, wants you to know about her music video contest, calling on creative people to create a music video from one of her original songs. Watch the above video for more information. Here are the rules:
1) Must use a Jennifer Chung original song which could be found in my videos or on iTunes
2) Cannot just be a cover of you singing my song. A concept and story is desired.
3) Upload your music video onto YouTube and submit it as a video response to this video by April 11, 2010 by MIDNIGHT (PST)

1) A Disneyland Ticket! We can decide on a day to go together or I can just send you the Disneyland ticket! Even if you're not from Southern California, if you take the trip to come here, we can definitely go to Disneyland together! And even though I'm only providing one ticket, it's not to say your friends can't come along on our adventure! I'll probably invite friends too!
2) iPod shuffle + iTunes gift card = the same amount of one Disneyland ticket. You may want to choose this if you don't like Disneyland or if you aren't able to come here!
Dude! You could win a chance to hang out with Jennifer at Disneyland... or an iPod Shuffle. (Personally, I'd take Disneyland.) The deadline to create and post your video is April 11, so put your thinking caps on and get to work.

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