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I recently heard from the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium, who are among the many voices pushing for immigration reform in 2010. They'll be participating in the March for America event happening this Sunday, March 21 at the National Mall in Washington D.C.

There will be thousands of people from all over the country coming together to demand that Congress act now to pass immigration reform and move quickly to put all Americans back to work. Here's a message from Hayeon Lee, about her story and why's she's marching:
Last month, an elderly Korean American woman in her 70's came to our center. She lives alone in Los Angeles. Her son and his family had come to the states many years ago to take care of her ailing husband. When her husband passed away, her son could not leave his mother alone and ended up overstaying his visa. Although he was undocumented, her son worked hard to make a living and her grandchildren were excellent students. However, working long hours with low pay, not being able to obtain a driver's license and fear of deportation made life difficult to bear. After seven years, they made the painful decision to return to Korea—just one month before her granddaughter's high school graduation. She told this story with tears in her eyes and a wrinkled family photo in her hands. There are thousands of stories like this in the Korean American community that are not heard, and not acted upon.

Fortunately, some Korean Americans are breaking the silence - they are coming out and making their voices heard all over Washington D.C. On March 21, Korean Americans will march bravely for just and humane immigration reform as a part of a new movement for change. This movement mustn't stop with this march. The Korean American community urgently needs to break out of the thick cover of fear or shame and get involved. Immigration reform is not just about papers - it's about families staying together, young people reaching for their dreams and all people having the liberty to aspire for a better life and stronger America. Let's be heard. Let's march - both in D.C and in our communities to make real change happen.
That's one voice. How many API voices will be among those marching this Sunday? NAKASEC and its affiliates are asking you to march with them on the Capitol to send a message to President Barack Obama and Congress to keep their promise to enact comprehensive immigration reform in 2010. Here's some more information:
Our work is paying off. Last week, several grassroots and immigrant rights leaders met with the President to establish concrete steps to move CIR forward. Recent media coverage has highlighted the increasing momentum for CIR across the country. We need your help to send a strong message to President Obama and Congress that change takes courage and the time for change is now.

Join NAKASEC for the March for America in D.C. on March 21!

12:00 PM: AAPI Pre-rally at Franklin Park (near the McPherson Square Metro)
12:30 PM: Begin walk to Lafayette Park, joining tens of thousands of other supporters
2:00 PM: Arrive at the National Mall. Following the program, we march past Congress while the House is in session.
5:00 PM: March on to RFK Center

To get involved or to receive updates, contact opark@nakasec.org.
This is going to be a massive event -- they're expecting tens of thousands. For more information about NAKASEC's involvement in the March, visit the organization's website here. For general information about the March for America and comprehensive immigration reform, go here. And spread the word.

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