late autumn, starring hyun bin, tang wei... and seattle

Asian movie/drama fans might find this interesting... The Korean feature film Late Autumn, starring Chinese actress Tang Wei and South Korean feature Hyun Bin, has been filming in and around Seattle for the past couple of months: Seattle gets a leading role in Korean film 'Late Autumn.'

The plot, a remake of a 1966 Korean movie, centers on Korean and Chinese immigrants who meet on a bus to Seattle and over three days in the city fall in love. It's apparently a big deal in Asia, but by filming in the States, the movie has captured the look and feel of a local, independent production:
The movie, which finished filming earlier this week, is in English to help broaden its appeal beyond the two stars' Chinese, Japanese and Korean fan base. Producers are targeting the film for an international release, including broad distribution in the United States.

At home, Chinese actress Wei, best known for her sensual role in Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution," and South Korean actor Bin incite fan frenzies, with pop-culture Web sites dissecting every relationship move and every red-carpet look. While Bin was in Seattle, his South Korean fan club shipped him a box of "Bin Ramen," the cups hand-adorned with his image, for Valentine's Day.

Some intrepid fans have tracked down the set around the state to try to get autographs, but it's nothing compared to what would happen if the movie had filmed in Asia, said executive producer Steven Nam.

"It's a big movie in Korea," he said. "Here, it becomes an independent, local movie."
I know more than a few people who are excited about Korean heartthrob Hyun Bin and his next movie. But it sounds like the real star of the film is the city of Seattle. Late Autumn is expected to be released sometime this year. More here: In star-studded 'Late Autumn,' Seattle plays starring role.

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