legaci and justin bieber unite!

Okay, who the hell is Justin Bieber, and why I am posting something about him? The teenage pop star (it's okay if you've never heard of him) was recently performed on The View. And backing him up, believe it or not, were the men of Filipino American, Bay Area-based vocal group Legaci. Take a look:

I'm told that Bieber was so impressed with Legaci's covers on YouTube that he flew them out to New York to perform with him. Crazy! These guys have been singing together for a long time, and boom, a squeaky-voiced 16-year-old sees you on the internet, and suddenly you're singing on national television.

Ah, so that's what Justin Bieber looks like. I wasn't sure he was an actual human being. Up until now, I was only aware of him as trending topic on Twitter. Anyway, big props to Legaci -- who knows where this will take them?

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