the long and the short of it

Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. Jeff Yang's latest "Asian Pop" column for SFGate boldly tackles that ever prickly, often haunting issue of Asian men... and penis size. Oh yes, he goes there: Mightier than the sword.

Jeff talks to actor Roger Fan, who starred in Gene Rhee's 2002 mockumentary short The Quest for Length, which is about exactly what you think it's about. And it's pretty hilarious. But it's certainly not hard to connect the difficult plight of Asian American actors in Hollywood with pop culture's perceived notions about Asian male sexuality and, you know, anatomy.

Oh, and since we're going below the belt, Jeff also talks to none other than Keni Styles, who holds the distinction of being the one "marquee-profile" Asian male working the U.S. straight porn industry. He's quite candid about his life and career (I guess you kind of have to be in his industry.)

It's a pretty fascinating article, from a pop culture perspective. Here's what I'm wondering: how much porn did Jeff have to watch to write this piece? Strictly for "research," of course.

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