the lxd at ted2010

So we've been hearing about The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers for the better part of a year now, with much anticipation. Check out this awesome live performance, introduced by director Jon M. Chu, they recently did at TED2010: The LXD: In the Internet age, dance evolves ....

Word has it, Bill Gates was in the audience at this performance (and Tweeted about it!). You'll be able to see all of it come together in the upcoming LXD webseries. Here's the official description of what to expect:
Imagine two rival factions -- one good, one evil -- squaring off in an epic battle ... an epic dance battle. Welcome to The LXD, a new online adventure in which heroes and villains combat each other with dance superpowers. With stunning choreography, dancers float over the ground like marionettes or crush the laws of physics beneath their feet when they perform breathtaking aerial maneuvers and transcendental step sequences.

The series hopes to do more than follow the dance-battle zeitgeist that rules today’s TV ratings. In addition to live performances, The LXD reveals dance superheroes on both sides of the screen—viewers can learn dance moves from instructional videos, and even become part of the story by participating in the web community. The LXD is written and directed by Jon Chu, a veteran of dance productions, including the box office sensation Step Up 2: The Streets and the Internet phenomenon, The Biggest Online Dance Battle.
Meanwhile, you'll be able to see The LXD perform live on the Academy Awards broadcast this Sunday, March 7. Go to Jon M. Chu's YouTube channel to see a life-sized dancing Oscar statue. LXD and Glee cast member Harry Shum will be at the Oscars too: 'Glee' guy Harry Shum heading to the Oscars, White House and on tour.

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