nfl prospect: ed wang

Lots and lots of people telling me about Chinese American NFL prospect Ed Wang, offensive tackle for Virginia Tech. There aren't a lot of Asian American role models to look up to in professional football... but soon, Ed Wang could be one of them: Wang embraces his Chinese-American heritage.

His parents, who immigrated to the U.S. from China in 1984, were members of the Chinese Olympic team in the 1970s (his dad was a high jumper and his mom a hurdler) and knew nothing about football when they arrived. Now their son has a chance to play football at the highest level: Virginia Tech's Ed Wang does 40-yard dash and bench press at NFL Combine.

If drafted, Ed Wang would apparently be the first full Chinese American player in the NFL. He's definitely aware of the distinction, and says he hopes to lead the way for more Asian Americans footballs stars in the future. Check out more video of Ed Wang here: Ed Wang interview.

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