pharmacy student on trial for killing disapproving mother

Ack. Not another one of these... In Orange County, pharmacy student Son Nguyen faces trial for allegedly strangling and murdering his mother: Pharmacy student faces trial for allegedly strangling, murdering disapproving mother.

At the time of the murder, Nguyen was a first-year student at Ross University in Dominica, located in the Caribbean. Nguyen graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology.

According to the Orange County District Attorney's Office, late at night on December 20, 2008, Nguyen apparently became angry that his mother didn't support his desire to become a pharmacist, as she wanted him to become a physician.

Son, who was home from school on a break, allegedly strangled his mother to death during the argument, according to the DA's office. Son then left his mother's body in the room and slept in his car, then called the police the next morning and told them his mother had passed away.

Nguyen has been charged with murder and faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in state prison if convicted. Opening statements were scheduled to begin yesterday in Santa Ana. More here: Son charged with killing mom called subservient.

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