the search for the missing celebrity loot

Asians behaving badly... celebrity home burglary edition! Continued. Rachel J. Lee, the alleged mastermind behind a rash of celebrity burglaries last year, is suspected to have hidden a large amount of the stolen property with her father's help: Burglary Suspect May Have Hidden Stars' Goods.

According to court records, police believe Rachel Lee and her father, David Lee, hid the items before their Las Vegas home was searched last year. There is apparently a substantial amount of property stolen from the stars' homes that hasn't yet been recovered, with a value of up to $2 million.

Lee, 19, is one of six young adults accused of stealing millions in jewelry and luxury goods from the homes of of several stars, including Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Rachel Bilson and Ashley Tisdale.

It ain't easy being a celebrity home burglary mastermind. Lee has pleaded not guilty to three charges of felony burglary and two counts of receiving stolen property. The investigation is ongoing. So where is the missing loot, Rachel? The celebrities want their stuff back!

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