squash players trash talk too

Who knew squash players were so hardcore? Check out this video of Trinity College's Baset Chaudhry, the No. 1 ranked squash player in college, losing it and going crazy on Yale's Kenneth Chan, trash talk and all. It's pretty hilarious: Squash Players Are Just The Worst.

Trinity's squash team apparently has the longest winning streak of any intercollegiate team in any sport at any level -- 224 consecutive team matches, after their national championship victory over Yale last month, when Chaudhry beat Chan in straight sets. What you're seeing is the victory scream.

You see him get in Chan's face (leaving behind some spit, apparently). What you don't see is Chaudhry leaving the court to celebrate with his teammates, then going back and shoving Chan as he tried to exit. More here: Trinity Captures 12th Straight Squash Title.

Damn, talk about unsportsmanlike conduct. But I guess that's how squash players roll, right? Hey, I don't watch a lot of squash, so maybe it's like this every game. Chaudhry has since apologized for his un-squash-y outburst: Nation's No. 1 squash player remorseful for outburst.

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