The Worst Movie Trailer I Have Ever Seen

If you frequent any movie blogs, you may have already come across this supremely awful trailer for Birdemic: Shock and Terror, which has recently received lots of internet buzz for its irresistible crappiness. Take a look:

Written and directed by James Nguyen, it's an extremely low-budget -- if you couldn't tell -- horror/thriller in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, except apparently without any decent sense of direction, writing or acting. I laughed when I received the movie's press release, and found out about Birdemic's Sundance publicity stunt:
When rejected for an official screening slot at Sundance, Nguyen spent eight days driving up and down the festival's nearby streets in a van covered with fake birds, frozen blood and BIRDEMIC posters, while loudspeakers blared the sounds of eagle attacks and human screams. The tactic caught the attention of festival organizers, filmgoers and local police, as well as executives from Severin Films.
Lesson learned: James Nguyen might have had a really really really awful film, but some persistence and a creepy fake bird-covered van go a long way. Convinced that Nguyen is "an auteur for our time" (I'm not making this up -- it's in the press release), Severin Films has picked up the film for a limited theatrical release: 'Birdemic: Shock and Terror': Our new, crazy movie obsession.

You must watch the trailer above to get the full effect. I've seen it described as "the most awesomely bad trailer in history," and you can plainly see why. For more information about the movie, head over to the equally crappy Birdemic website.

But watch out! James Nguyen has apparently left a trail of ill-will from people he has burned over the course of four years(?!) of making this film. In my internet searches, I came across this site, filled with testimonies from folks who now hold grudge against Nguyen, for a variety of reasons: Birdemic Warning.

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