tad nakamura trilogy screening at aaas

If you're headed to Austin this week for the 2010 Association for Asian American Studies Conference (and I know a lot of you are), make sure you check out the special screening of A Song for Ourselves, Pilgrimage and Yellow Brotherhood -- all three films of Tad Nakamura's Asian American Movement trilogy, screened together for the time. Check the details:
For the first time all three films of Tadashi Nakamura's trilogy on the Asian American Movement will be screed together.

2010 Association of Asian American Studies Conference.
7:30pm - 9:00pm
Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, Capital Ballroom B
Austin, TX

Q&A with filmmaker. Conference badge/day pass holders only.

Song for Ourselves (2009, 35 mins)
A SONG FOR OURSELVES is an intimate journey into the life and music of
Asian American Movement troubadour Chris Iijima.

Pilgrimage (2006, 22 mins)
PILGRIMAGE tells the inspiring story of how an abandoned WWII concentration camp for Japanese Americans has been transformed into a symbol of retrospection and solidarity for people of all ages, races and nationalities in our post 9/11 world.

Yellow Brotherhood (2003, 18 mins)
YELLOW BROTHERHOOD is a short personal documentary about a friendship and finding community through a self-help group turned basketball team that began in the 1960s.

Tadashi Nakamura, in the three short documentaries screened here for the first time together, weaves together Asian American politics, activism, and community. Nakamura never loses sight of the indelible mark of history and its political imperative at the same time that he reinvests time-honored stories with a compelling, contemporary visual aesthetics. He is an exciting young filmmaker whose lens is at once of-the-moment as well as grounded in a long tradition of documentary activism.
It looks like the screening is only open to conferencegoers, but if you're attending AAAS, and haven't seen these films, I highly recommend check them out. They're really wonderful documentary snapshots of an important part of Asian American history. For more information about Tad Nakamura and his films, go to his website here. And for more information on the AAAS Conference, go here.

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