3 days, 3 girls, and an angry asian man

Hey! Check me out in a play! No, not really. I've been hearing from various people about a curious play being produced this summer in Santa Monica. The title: 3 Days, 3 Girls, and an Angry Asian Man. I'm not joking. No, it is not the story of my life. Here is the synopsis:
How much is a three-bedroom, two-bath, semi-habitable apartment on the upper-west side in Manhattan? Free—at least for Reagan, Jessie, and Lydia. Three out-of-luck, out-of-money, fresh out-of-college girls from Suburbia who don't have a job between them (let alone a clue of how break into "show business") sleep their way into a roof over their heads and as much free cable as their reality TV soaked brains can handle. Until Lydia blows it... quite literally. Now they have three days to find the rent or a new place to live. What they find instead is a little initiative, some hard knocks, and a lot of honesty. And, when it's least expected, what no one tells you about New York: that dreams come true here after all.
It's a comedy, and I swear, I have nothing to do with it. They've been recently holding auditions for the role of the titular Angry Asian Man. Here's the casting notice:
Project Name: 3 Days, 3 Girls, and an Angry Asian Man
Project Type: Theatre
Rate/Compensation: None

Role: Mr. Nguyen

Role Type: Lead

Gender/Age/Ethnicities: Male / 25 to 50 / Asian

Description: Mr. Nguyen is the angry landlord. He is the lover of the main female character. He is angry, disliked, comedic, has an accent, and does Shakespeare. COMEDIC role.
I do not know what to think. Has anyone out there read for the part? Know if it's any good? I won't lie -- I'm halfway curious enough to go see this, based on the title alone, but I pray that this Mr. Nguyen character doesn't make me cry from shame. The play goes up July 29 at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica.

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