become a nomad for liberty in north korea

Liberty in North Korean (LiNK) is a nonprofit organization trying to raise awareness about the human rights and humanitarian crisis in North Korea. And they need your help -- they're looking for a few good people to be "Nomads" (aka interns). Watch this little video for more information:

"North Korea is one of today's least known yet most complicated crises; but where skeptics would argue that the future of North Korea is already written, a collective of passionate individuals - LiNK Nomads - are standing to say that the ink is not yet dry."

Do you want to be part of a movement that is spreading the word about the North Korean humanitarian crisis, one person at a time? Read on:
"Nomads are different; everything is done in a wild way."

Once on board, you'll make your entrance in traditional wild fashion – living at the Nomad house and LiNK office, making your tour a reality by booking your route solid. You'll also get a crash course on North Korea, meet other trailblazers and discover a new family and part of yourself. You'll then pack your van with LiNK merchandise before you go out to incite a generation to rise up and investigate this issue for themselves. Tour is another story. One adventure will turn into another as you get a country excited about what they can do, turning that fire into something that will spread. The road won't be without bumps as you grow, but you will look back in appreciation and marvel.

The Nomadship is a three month commitment, August 30th and the new end date will be December 10th. Travel dates are September till early December. Housing will be provided during training, and on the road with your "contacts" who will soon become new friends. We'll also help you raise your food and living stipend prior to your Nomadship. With this note* If these dates conflict with your school end date please email jobs@linkglobal.org.
The deadline to apply is July 23. There are limited spots, but it's a rolling application process -- the sooner you apply, the sooner you'll hear a response. For more information on how to become a Nomad, visit the LiNK website here.

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