gene luen yang: why I won't be watching the last airbender movie

Award-winning graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang, author of American Born Chinese is a huge fan of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series. So when he found out the live-action movie adaptation would feature an all-white principal cast, he became one of the more vocal voices against the casting controversy.

With the movie's release just over a month away, Gene has spoken out again against The Last Airbender ("the last stone from my slingshot on this topic") -- using a comic, of course -- calling on folks to boycott the movie: Why I Won't Be Watching The Last Airbender Movie. I'm re-posting it here:

Nicely done, Gene. To see more of Gene Luen Yang's comic books (they're great!) visit his website here. And for more information on The Last Airbender's crappy casting choices, go to Racebending.com.

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