take action: sdaff needs your help!

This is kind of last-minute, but I want to make sure I lend my support to the good people at the San Diego Asian Film Foundation, who are in need of the community's help. At stake: the future of the Hazard Center, where they hold their (awesome) annual film festival. Basically there are plans to demolish the movie theater.

SDAFF is asking folks to email the offices of San Diego's mayor and city council members, asking them to postpone tomorrow's (Tuesday, May 18) vote on the Hazard Center Redevelopment Project. You can use the follow letter. Feel free to personalize it in any way you see fit:
Dear Councilmembers and Mayor,

I am writing to urge you to postpone your vote on the Hazard Center Redevelopment project on May 18.

As a voter and supporter of the arts, I am very sad and disappointed to learn that the Hazard Center theater is set to be demolished under this proposal to make room for a parking lot. This venue has become a cultural destination for tens of thousands of us who have attended the San Diego Asian, Latino, and Jewish Film Festivals for more than a decade. These festivals have collectively brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to the City, and have made San Diego into an international arts destination.

Moving forward without studying the full impacts of the proposal could have a severe impact on Arts and Culture in the San Diego region because losing the Hazard Center Theater WILL displace these festivals given the lack of affordable and accessible theater venues in San Diego.

The developer OliverMcMillan has stated that it was committed to helping the Festivals find a new home. However, the only solution offered - the Gaslamp Theaters - would create such a financial burden on the Festivals, that they would have to dramatically change their operations or go out of business. We cannot let this happen.

Please postpone your vote on May 18 on the Hazard Center Redevelopment project so that the Festivals have more time to find real solutions in securing their futures.

Thank you for your consideration,

Name, Title

Be sure to include your full name, address, and title if appropriate. You can respectfully email your letter to the following addresses:
shadley@sandiego.gov, cbarfield@sandiego.gov, afaucett@sandiego.gov, jslack@sandiego.gov, anthonyyoung@sandiego.gov, jfoxrice@sandiego.gov, shill@sandiego.gov, dmullen@sandiego.gov, edemorest@sandiego.gov, fmonroig@sandiego.gov, hperaza@sandiego.gov, benhueso@sandiego.gov, JerrySanders@sandiego.gov, kmichell@sandiego.gov
I have been attending the San Diego Asian Film Festival for several years. It's easily one of my favorite events of the year (and I go to a lot of these things). To see it forced to another venue would be unfortunate. Take a few minutes to help them out -- your support is welcome and appreciated! And if you free tomorrow afternoon, come out and show your support at the City Council meeting. More info here: Show Your Support of SDAFF This Tuesday.

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